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Your Assante First Avenue Advisors

We help you make smart decisions about your money, accumulating wealth that helps you make memories.

The foundation of Assante First Avenue is friendship and trust. What we promise, we provide.

Dale Berg  (CFP®, CLU, Ch.F.C.)
Senior Financial Advisor
Assante Financial Management Ltd. 

Daryn Form (CFP®, CIM)
Senior Financial Advisor
Assante Capital Management Ltd.

Jason Sirman (CFP®, CIM)
Senior Financial Planner
Assante Capital Management Ltd.

We’re in it for the long haul

Because priorities shift with time and age, it’s important to choose a financial advisor that really gets to know you and can keep pace with change.

From business growth and transition to integrated wealth and retirement planning, we help you grow wherever you go.

What people are saying about Assante

“We are a new client, so far there is nothing we would change. He is professional, knowledgeable and always comes prepared, which we appreciate.”

“We really like our advisor and have complete trust in his ability to meet our financial needs.”

“We would not change a thing about our advisor. We trust him and consider him to be a friend.”

Investing in community

Wealth is about more than just dollars and cents—it’s about health, freedom, access, and community.

Since the beginning, we’ve been proud to play a small part in supporting the mandates of a growing list of charitable organizations. Part of our profits are gifted to those in need, both close to home and around the globe.