About Assante First Avenue 

Assante First Avenue was born from the belief that the investment and wealth management processes were unnecessarily confusing and convoluted.

Peeling back the layers of what it means to have wealth reveals two things: legacy and family.

We established our practice to support our clients in building their legacy and protecting their family. This is our why.

Core Values

Individually and as a group, everything we do is guided by three principles:

Efficiency | Integrity | Transparency

This means we:

  • Look for opportunities to save you time, money, and worry
  • Put our clients’ needs first
  • Engage in open, honest, and ongoing conversations about how you’re tracking against your financial goals
  • Make data-driven decisions to get you where you need to go

What people are saying about Assante

“We really like our advisor and have complete trust in his ability to meet our financial needs.”

“We would not change a thing about our advisor. We trust him and consider him to be a friend.”

“We are a new client, so far there is nothing we would change. He is professional, knowledgeable and always comes prepared, which we appreciate.”